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U.S. Election Results on Bing and Google

If you currently search for “Election Results” on Google or Bing, you will see an infographic showing up-to-date results of the 2014 U.S. Elections. Both search engines offer a map of the United States colored in accordance to the outcome or likely outcome of the elections (Red for Republican and Blue for Democrat). Both Bing and Yahoo cover three elections: Senate, House and Governor. The information is sourced from the Associated Press – on both search engines. On Google, users have the option to click on the states to find how different districts voted. Picture from Bing offers an election trivia and information on where and when to vote.  Picture from It would be interesting to see whether these infographics create more awareness and whether they can influence voters. It is known that live news commentary on television and radio on election day may influence on how the undecided vote. The infographics the