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Can we future-proof our democracies with a new transatlantic digital agenda?

We seem to lean towards disagreeing with one another rather than coming together on the big issues. A statement we may all agree on is that the exponentiality of digital technologies creates opportunities and challenges far greater than we can imagine. If our own minds are unable to grasp exponential progression, how confident can we be in the linear, but tedious decision-making process of governments to handle the digital transformation of our society? This is a key question we need to ask ourselves on both sides of the Atlantic. It's answer may well lie in a new transatlantic paradigm shaped by a common digital agenda. Like many of you, I also see the division within our societies. They are very real. I see political leaders shocked by the fact that their messages have stopped resonating with their constituents. Voters are trusting new sources of information, beginning to rethink old policies and questioning the institutions that govern them. The campaign signs of politi